"It was a life-changing experience for me at a time when I was ready to give up."

Bramber graduate

We want women to lead safe, purposeful, independent lives

10 years ago we set out to solve a big problem. 1 in 3 women globally have experienced gender-based violence in their lifetime, and women and girls represent 65% of all trafficked victims around the world. As a result, their future remains limited. Life can feel hopeless.

Bramber Bakehouse works alongside victims of domestic abuse, survivors of human trafficking, asylum seekers and refugees to break the cycles of poverty, violence and disadvantage.


Our trauma-informed programme is a direct response to the situation women face as a result of their past experiences. Learning together in the kitchen fosters community, increases self-esteem, improves mental health and develops trust.


Combine this with our tailored wellbeing sessions, transferable life skills lessons and future-proof support, it’s a recipe for success.  

"It was therapy without therapy. They were like family to me and I learnt to trust again."
Bramber graduate

Our Values

We empower women to lead safe, purposeful, independent lives.
We bring women together to build community and experience belonging.
We promote equity, challenge inequality and drive change.

The Journey

It started with a simple idea. Two young friends – one a Teacher, one a Project Manager – with an innovative idea to support women on the margins. They wanted to provide a space for women to heal and be restored, where women could receive life-changing opportunities to move ahead, changing their future. Lucy and Hollin set out to work together and built Bramber Bakehouse in 2014.
With the help of Great British Bake Off contestant Martha Collison and a team of dedicated community volunteers, a strategy was developed around Lucy’s kitchen table and the programme began. Practical baking sessions, wellbeing support and employability skills enabled women to forge a community of support, encouragement and hope.
Fast forward and Bramber Bakehouse is an award-winning charity, employing a team of experts and volunteers to deliver life-changing, trauma-informed programmes. The impact on each graduate is astonishing. Women are no longer trapped by their past, but instead recognise they are loved and worthy of a new future. Watch this space as Bramber Bakehouse continues to support women, baking their way to a future of hope and purpose.
“If an individual is socially included, economically empowered, has access to the employment market and has the social support they need, the risk of abuse and exploitation reduces and they can make positive choices for their lives.”
Access to work for survivors of slavery to enable independence and sustainable freedom, March 2021
Our team

Lucy Butt

CEO & Co-Founder

Lucy wants every woman to receive the support and skills they need to live positive, healthy lives. She’s also driven to see organisations embrace a culture of fairness, equity and diversity, creating opportunities for all women, regardless of their background.

Dionne Widgerey

Progression Support Coordinator

Dionne has vast experience of working in the voluntary sector, supporting and empowering individuals who have experienced multiple disadvantages. She has developed successful peer mentoring services, and understands the power connection, community and access to opportunities have in supporting lasting recovery. 

Karlie Allaway

Service Manager

Karlie brings a breadth of experience supporting women to recover and grow, to managing our existing projects, supporting our amazing team, and contributing to future development. Karlie believes we all hold a piece of the wisdom so is passionate about spaces where women feel safe to be heard.

Heather Conyers

Fundraising Manager

Heather has extensive experience in multi-income fundraising. She loves mobilising communities and working with local organisations to improve the lives of those who live in them. She believes that our partners are key to our success and building a brighter future for the women we work with.

Frances Duncan


Frances is our Chair of Trustees. She is also the CEO of the Clock Tower Sanctuary, supporting 18-25 year olds experiencing homelessness in Brighton & Hove and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from the charitable sector.

Chanel Naidoo


Chanel is a Chartered Accountant and passionate about supporting woman in general and more specifically woman from disadvantaged backgrounds. Given her background in finance and the skills and knowledge learnt along the way, she would like to pay this forward and help these women on their journey towards full independence and freedom.

Nils De Freese


Nils is a chartered management accountant with 15 years of experience in the charity sector. He lives in Brighton and manages the finances of a church and various social action projects.  

Caitlyn McCarthy


Caitlyn is a psychotherapist, eco-therapist and community builder. She has worked in the Violence Against Women & Girls sector for over 25 years in various roles ranging from IDVA, Trainer and Project Manager. In all her work, her mission has been to create space for the voices on the edges to disrupt the status quo and empower marginalised women.

Neha Patel Hampton


Neha has over twenty years of experience running businesses. She is also a talented chef. She brings all of her experience to work with charities who are driving social change and fighting racial and gender inequality.

Hollin Preston

Trustee and Co-Founder

Hollin is the Co-Founder of Bramber, alongside Lucy. Her faith inspired her passion to support women who have experienced trauma to understand their value and worth. Hollin lives by the sea and is employed as a secondary school teacher.

We knead you

With your help we can change the direction of a woman’s life forever. It costs just £630 for one woman to join our programme, receiving the life-changing confidence, knowledge and skills she needs for a future of independence. 

a month
covers transport costs and provide nourishing meals throughout the course.
a month
covers the entire costs of the programme for one woman.
a month
pays for one woman to receive one-to-one support from an experienced mentor.