"I learnt I was born with the skills to do anything. It's really given me strength to go on."

Bramber graduate

We support women who’ve experienced abuse, exploitation or displacement with the confidence, skills and knowledge for a positive future.


Four key ingredients: Baking, wellbeing support, transferable life skills and ongoing support combine creating an environment for women to heal, feel valued, gain confidence, build skills and knowledge for the future and thrive in a loving community.  Our programme is safe and trauma-informed, built around the needs expressed by the women we support and those supporting them.

Baking Workshops
Therapy without therapy. Our baking lessons enable women to learn alongside each other, build community and grow in confidence.
Wellbeing Support
Trauma-informed wellbeing sessions and peer to peer support are designed to equip women with the tools they need to improve their mental health and wellbeing.
Life Skills
Person-centred support helps women create a pathway to independence, identifying strengths and goals whilst gaining skills for education, volunteering or paid employment.
Ongoing Support
Armed with a future-proof roadmap, women receive regular, 121 support through a mentor, attend reunions and have access to safe, sustainable volunteering or employment avenues.

The Road To Bramber

1. It starts with injustice

Exploited, fleeing war, escaping domestic abuse. Every woman has a unique story to tell, often living with unimaginable trauma, often overlooked, unable to overcome the challenges they face as a result.

2. Endless barriers

Women who’ve experienced violence, exploitation or displacement describe feeling isolated, lacking purpose, stripped of dignity and value. Having lived through trauma and injustice, their mental health and wellbeing are severely affected and they’re often ill-equipped with the confidence or skills to move forward. Their future can seem limited. 

3. Tailored support

We welcome women into a safe, trauma-informed environment. A space for women to build community, identify unique strengths and abilities, create goals and build a person-centred plan for a bright future. Through our programmes, women build confidence, taking ownership of their journey with the ability and support to overcome challenges.

4. The future begins

Women leave our programme surrounded by a loving community, building life-long friendships, with access to 121 mentoring, volunteer opportunities or paid employment. They’re empowered with the tools they need to break the cycle of poverty, violence and disadvantage - living a healthy, meaningful life.