Bramber Bakehouse: The Future

Hollin Preston

Over the last 5 years we’ve welcomed a total of 21 women onto the Bramber Bakehouse programme. It’s been our privilege to see them grow in confidence as they enjoy picking up new skills, meeting new people and investing in their future. 

After starting out as a small group of friends who run the social enterprise in our spare time, we’ve been amazed at how things have grown.

But now we’re at a crossroads. 

For every woman who joins us, we have to turn two away who apply. At the moment we simply don’t have enough capacity to help all the women out there who need support.

So we’re planning to change that, and would love your help to make it a reality.

From 2021 we’ll increase the number of workshops so we can go from helping 6 women a year to helping 30 women a year. We’ll achieve that by:

– Employing two part-time members of staff – a baker and project manager

– Renting or buying our own baking premises, rather than use a borrowed space

– Running the programme three times a year instead of once a year

– Increasing the workshops to once a week instead of once a month

We are so excited by the impact that scaling the workshops will have – we’ll work alongside more women, helping them restore their true worth and give them the tools to build a better future.   

In order to achieve that, we need to raise £44,600 between now and February 2021.

We’d love to invite you on the journey with us, by partnering with us and donating a monthly gift that will help us welcome 30 women in 2021.

A donation of just £20 a month is enough to cover vital costs such as equipment, staff and travel costs. 

It’s been amazing to see so many stand with us over the last 5 years and we look forward to journeying together in the next chapter of Bramber Bakehouse’s story.