Our Volunteers: Rumbie


Everyone, meet Rumbie.

Rumbie is one of our incredible volunteers who provides valuable training during our workshops. She brings expertise and an overflowing passion to the team.

We asked Rumbie a few questions about her role and experience at Bramber Bakehouse, here’s what she had to say:

1) What is your role and how long have you volunteered with Bramber Bakehouse? 

My role is to facilitate practise interviews during the employability workshops and I have volunteered for nearly three years. 

2) Why did you want to get involved? 

I just love women and the strength we have from within. That is something I don’t think twice about. Bramber supports women who have been traumatised by their experiences of being trafficked. Working as a Psychotherapist within our community and a migrant from Zimbabwe, my learned skills and real life experiences ignited a passion to volunteer for this life changing cause. 

3) How have you seen Bramber Bakehouse impact the lives of the women involved? 

The women’s stories are inspiring and their confidence increases from the workshops they have. When the practise interviews take place all I can say is I leave without any regret of knowing that one day Bramber will have a woman in leadership and take a seat within law that eradicates any human trafficking.

4) What has been your favourite memory so far?  

My favourite memory is when I witnessed differing cultures demonstrate the efficacy of the process and being empathic or showing  kindness to one another. This opens up a safe and congruent environment for all.