Our Volunteers: Michelle


When Bramber Bakehouse began, never did we expect trains to become one of our biggest challenges.

Month after month train strikes and cancellations would disrupt workshop schedules and cause strain on those travelling to our workshops. The uncertainty of timetables became a real problem and we were becoming a little stuck.

That is, until we met Michelle.

Michelle heard of our dilemma and volunteered to help. Taking our ladies back and forth from various train stations every month, she became the reliability we so desperately needed. In sun, snow or rain, Michelle was there. Her support was a real comfort to us all. Not only did the team now have more time and resources for other areas of preparations, but we could all relax knowing participants were in safe hands and could travel without concern.

As a small thank you for her time with us, we want to publicly celebrate Michelle today and say thank you for the many hours she has given up over the years.

We recently asked Michelle a few questions about her time with us. Here’s what she had to say:

1) When did you first volunteer with Bramber Bakehouse? 

I first volunteered with Bramber about three years ago… 

2) How did you come to be involved with Bramber Bakehouse? 

Co-founder Hollin made an announcement one day, that trains were causing real issues for ladies to reach the workshops and the only way to solve the issue was to start asking for help with transportation. I had a 7-seater at the time so I offered to do the driving to and from train stations, which meant only one car needed to be used and freed the team up to focus on setting up for the session. 

3) What changes have you noticed in participants during their time at Bramber? 

It’s been lovely to see how over the months the ladies chatted more in the car as they were getting to know each other. 

4) How would you summarise time with Bramber Bakehouse so far? 

It’s been a privilege to have been able to help in a small way, it’s such an amazing initiative.