Our Volunteers: Lucy


Throughout the last 10 weeks we have featured the incredible volunteers that make Bramber Bakehouse’s workshop programme a reality: Jeanette, Kathryn, Rumbie, Beth, Steph, Martha, Michelle, Liz and Hollin. Today we finish with fantastic volunteer and Co-Founder Lucy.

Read on to find out more about her role, experiences and hopes for the future…

What are your responsibilities in the Bramber team? Other than being Co-Founder?

I am currently a trustee for Bramber Bakehouse and together with Hollin, we work together to look at all area of Bramber Bakehouse, how it can improve, how it can grow and ultimately how we can best serve the women that we meet.

Where did the name Bramber Bakehouse come from? 

Bramber is a beautiful area located in West Sussex. It’s was also the constituency for MP, William Wilberforce who contributed to the eradication of slavery in the UK. 

What has been your favourite memory so far? 

Of course I love witnessing transformation on each of our programmes but my favourite memory is a bit of a strange one! Stepping out of the boat can be risky and we’ve had our fair share of opposition so far on our Bramber journey. One Saturday morning, we’re waiting for our cohort to arrive and the ovens fail us – obviously that’s a bit of a problem when you’re running a baking workshop! We had to find an oven and we needed one fast – so we decided to bake everything we needed and transport it to my parents’ double oven (just a short 5 minutes up the road). We baked (and cooked) 350 cakes that day.

How have you seen Bramber impact the women involved?

We’ve provided an environment where women can grow and thrive amongst other like-minded individuals. A woman from our current cohort recently contacted me to say she’d got into university, starting in September. ‘I would not have had the courage to apply for university if I had not gone through the Bramber Bakehouse programme. It gave me the confidence to apply for other dreams I have had’ – what an incredible testimony! 

What’s your favourite Bramber bake? 

The Bramber Brownie wins every time!

What do you love most about Bramber’s team of volunteers?

They are so committed to seeing restoration and recovery. They give up their evenings and weekends to support women in a variety of different ways; whether that be through regular phone calls with our cohorts or team meetings to talk about growth and improvements – they’re always there. Without them, Bramber wouldn’t exist! 

Where would you like Bramber to be in 3 years time? 

By 2023, we’re aiming to support up to 90 women through the Bramber Bakehouse programme, giving them baking and employability skills which equip them for their future. We’re really excited about this as we’re seeing a high demand for our services and it will be fantastic to say yes to so many wonderful ladies. 

Human trafficking is everywhere and we know help is needed beyond the walls of the South East. We’ve always had a vision to extend the programme to other areas of the UK so it will be interesting to see where Bramber goes next.