Our Volunteers: Jeanette


We have an incredible team of volunteers here at Bramber Bakehouse. Over these next few weeks we will be sharing more about who they are and the work they do. First up is the wonderful Jeanette.

Here’s what she has to say about her experience at Bramber Bakehouse. 

1) What is your role and how long have you volunteered with Bramber Bakehouse? 

‘I have volunteered for Bramber Bakehouse for 18 months. I am one of the volunteer facilitators in the employability workshops, we focus on increasing the confidence and feeling of individual self-worth and purpose with the women who attend each month.’

2) Why did you want to get involved with Bramber Bakehouse?

‘I wanted to get involved as I felt connected to the Vision of empowering, restoration and recovery for women survivors of human trafficking. I welcomed the opportunity to use my skills as a mentor and coach to serve.’

3) How have you seen Bramber impact the lives of the women involved? 

‘I have seen Bramber Bakehouse impact the lives of the women involved despite their past experience, the safe space we create facilitates rich conversations, time to reflect and listen, each time the women become joyful and more equipped to face the future.’

4) What has been your favourite memory so far? 

‘My favourite memory so far is the times we focus on “Purpose” where we explore the future with the women, I observe the excitement in their faces for what is possible despite their past, they speak about their hopes and plans. I feel privilege each time to be a small part of their journey to a brighter future.’