Our Volunteers: Hollin


Charities around the world are often supported by groups of volunteers that help expand capabilities and reach. To be a charity that’s grounded by a group of volunteers is quite normal, and some-what expected. What isn’t expected, especially for a charity growing as quickly as Bramber Bakehouse, is that those in charge are also volunteers.

Our Co-Founders established a vision, formed a team and have gone on to shape Bramber to what it is today. That takes a lot of work, and to have reached this far through volunteer hours shows their passion and determination.

Over the next two weeks we will be highlighting our brilliant Co-Founders, Hollin and Lucy. Today we look to Hollin…

Read on to find out more about her role and experience so far.

Where did the idea of Bramber Bakehouse come from?

I am passionate about equality, education and women. Two friends and I had spent 2 years prior to Bramber’s conception praying and attempting to befriend women in the sex industry within our local area. Regardless of effort, we didn’t get very far with supporting or getting to know any women. I got a bit frustrated with the lack of progress so I had an idea of a cafe that gave trafficked women a job and an education alongside to give them independence. I had known Lucy for a while before this and it turned out she had a very similar idea! We decided it was right to work together, so gathered a team and after a lot of hard work Bramber Bakehouse was formed. That’s the short version! 

What are your responsibilities in the Bramber team?

I am a trustee, so one of 6 people responsible for the governance of the charity. I oversee all things finance, which is a bit bizarre if you know me, but I am learning fast! Alongside Lucy, we decide and plan for the the workshops. We plan for the future and how we will get there. We also get to meet a lot of wonderful people and organisations who help Bramber be what it is. At the workshops, I am the one who runs to the shop if we miss anything or step in with an extra pair of hands. I prepare a great lunch and have become excellent at washing up! 

What has been your favourite memory so far? 

I think it has been said before but, the first workshop when we had our very first cohort. I just remembered be so taken aback that we were part of this. I also love the music playing at the workshops. We have many women from different cultures so I LOVE when we listen to their music and have a little dance. 

How have you seen Bramber impact the women involved? 

I would say confidence. The first time you meet them many are often reserved and nervous, understandably. By the last workshop they just flourish. It always surprises me how much these workshops mean to them. The confidence they gain from someone believing in them is very special. 

What’s your favourite Bramber bake? 

I love the brownies! 

Where would you like Bramber to be in 5 years time? 

I would like to be in our own premises, helping more women and more regularly. I believe this wholeheartedly.