Our Volunteers: Beth


What can we say about the wonderful Beth?

For a start, she’s a fantastic baker and instrumental to the baking team! Beth is thoughtful and caring, is passionate about empowering others and her friendly smile never goes amiss.

To help get to know Beth a little more, we asked her a few short questions about her time at Bramber Bakehouse.

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So Beth, what’s your role at Bramber Bakehouse and when did you first join?

‘I am one of the lead bakers in the baking workshop alongside Martha Collison. I first joined Bramber Bakehouse in 2016.’

Why did you want to join Bramber Bakehouse?  

‘I was really excited about the vision of Bramber Bakehouse, I could see the huge potential it had to change lives. Plus, it was an opportunity for me to combine my love of baking with a passion for empowering women.’ 

What’s been your highlight so far? 

‘The highlight for me has been seeing the women we are working with grow in confidence each week, not just in their baking skills but also in the way interact with each other. Each intake of women feel like a little family and they really encourage and support each other.’ 

What would you say to people who have not yet heard about the Bramber Bakehouse charity? 

‘Go check them out!’ 

And importantly, what’s your favourite Bramber bake?

‘You can’t beat a classic Bramber Brownie!’